• "It has now been a year since the family and I have taken up residence in our new home and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, in a more formal manner, for all that you and your people did to make our dreams become a reality. In retrospect, making dreams come true is a tall order to fill, and probably one of the many reasons why so many homeowners have less than satisfactory results. You and your people, however, did an admirable job and we hold you and your firm in even higher esteem now than we did when we began the building process..."

    -- Bruce J. Tatarchuk
  • "It must be particularly gratifying to be involved in a life work which so enhances the lives of individuals, as well as the communities in which they reside."

    "We are really "sun and light" people, and we are proud of the fact that the house and lot have become so integrated. I am positive that we are prejudiced, but we are of the opinion that this house is not restrictive in it's taste and would be beautiful whether it's furnishings were classic, contemporary or traditional. It is a fun house, a cozy house, a comfortable house and a young house, but one in which we both hope to grow very old. It has allowed us to express ourselves in all the ways that are important to us, and that is what makes it home."

    -- Shirley P. Watkins

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